What is the best residential floor for wheelchair use at home?

The best flooring for mobility devices at home. From the Ground Up. ©2015 Charles Schwab Architect,

what is the best flooring for wheelchair usee

Wood laminate flooring provides a seamless flow between activity areas.

Please click on the link below to read the article “From the Ground Up” by Charles Schwab Architect AIA, Universal Design Certified Professional. This is the edited article (shorter version) for the bi-monthly column Around the House.

Read the December article below

The below article is the December 2015 PN Magazine article by Mr. Schwab. PN is the magazine for and by the Paralyzed Veterans of America.  It’s really a great publication and I’ve been honored to contribute since Oct. 2010 in a column called Around the House, dealing with home issues as it relates to SCI  and the built environment at home.

Please click on the underlined link below to read a copy of the published article.The link below that links back to more pdf’s you may open if you like.

Tile installed on the diagonal increases wheel friction.

Tile installed on the diagonal increases wheel friction.

click on “From the Ground” Up below to link to and read the pdf article.

From the Ground Up


pictures from vostro computer 1751Enjoy, Charles Schwab Architect & Author




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