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This UD home was designed by Mr. Schwab in Myrtle beach. It links this blog to our website.

This universal designed home for life-time living was designed by Mr. Schwab in SC. The photo visually links this blog to our website.

Universal Design-ed Smart Homes

If you are interested in learning about Universal Design Homes and human centered sustainability for health and wellness you are at the right spot, here and at my website linked from here.

I believe “green” design often isn’t people-centered enough. Buildings, especially home, are for people. I will be using this blog to further share research from article studies.

Please send comments or article ideas so I can personally address other ideas or issues you may have. I might as well select topics of immediate concern.

Our goal, vision and mission at Life Span Home Designs LLC is to reinforce the use and education of  accessible and universal designed spaces at home and throughout the public environment.  The website below has enormous amounts of information ready for you.There are more published articles there as well.

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As a bonus please click on the book below to read the residential introduction I was invited to write for the new publication. I am honored to have been asked to write the residential introduction on page 4. This link is directly to the book review on amazon. I did not publish this book and not trying to market it here.  Click here or on book cover to read intro with Schwab interviewed and statements included in text.


Null book UD principles and models front cover jpg.

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