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This UD home was designed by Mr. Schwab in Myrtle beach. It links this blog to our website.
This universal designed home for life-time living was designed by Mr. Schwab in SC. The photo visually links this blog to our website.

Universal Designed Smart Homes for the 21st Century

102 Home Plans You Can Order and Build

Visit my original website by clicking above or bookmarking: If you are interested in viewing accessible and UD home plans with healthy and green features than you will want to visit.

If you would like to jump right to Amazon to see copies that came from me originally you may visit Amazon by clicking here to see the book. Beware, I have honestly had reports that people think my plan book has been pirated and copied without my authorization. These books are way overpriced and I am told the paint is coming off the jacket cover. I am selling used, new and signed versions on Amazon as well.

My vision at Life Span Home Designs LLC, homes designed by Charles M. Schwab, is that by the year 2030 all new homes in the USA are built by integrating the universal design process where homes are inclusive and designed for all.

My mission is to help you design your own home utilizing the process of universal designing in order to create the best home for you, whether you are new homeowners or empty nesters. Our mission is always to connect the home with its site where the inside and outside harmonize for seamless connections and use.

Mr. Schwab is a universal design-ing (the process of U-Design) and accessible home design authority for over 25 years. The process will be explored through future posts on this blog and in magazine articles.

The website below has vast amounts of information prepared for you and to reinforce the use and education of accessible and universal designed spaces at home and throughout the public environment.

There are more published magazine articles at the website as well.

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As a bonus please click on the book below to read the residential introduction I was invited to write for the publication Universal Design by Roberta Null. I am honored to have been asked to write the book’s residential introduction on page 4. The link goes directly to the book review on Amazon.

Click here or on the book cover below to read: A strolling tour through a universal designed home.


Null book UD principles and models front cover jpg.

Please send comments or article ideas so I can personally address each idea or concerns you may have. I might as well select topics of immediate concern.
Thank you for taking the time to visit, read and I hope, learn. 🙂

Author: Charles

Mr. Schwab is a home designer and licensed Architect specializing in universal and accessible design that is also sustainable and healthy. He also designs light commercial buildings.

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